GWS Pico Stick

Enjoy the pictures:

GWS Pico Stick GWS Pico Stick GWS Pico Stick GWS Pico Stick

Installing a digital camera on Pico Stick

As you can see from the pictures, I managed to install a digital camera on my Pico Stick. The camera is far too big for the plane but I have earlier used some heavy battery packs so I thought I could give it a try. The flight battery was a 110mAh pack with 7 cells. The plane was, as suspected, very hard to fly with the camera and it did never actually climb very high. At the end I lost control of the plane. I still consider the flight a success as I initially did not expect very much. The camera was filming a video sequence thus there was no need for an extra servo for operating the camera. The fotos below are captures from the video sequence.

You would never believe that this actually flies!

Pico's flight in mpeg formatVideo!!!

Forest Pico's shadow and some garbage(?) on the ground Water That's me!