GWS Tiger Moth

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GWS Tiger Moth GWS Tiger Moth GWS Tiger Moth GWS Tiger Moth

Tiger Moth

I ordered my second Tiger Moth from Staufenbiel, it was really cheap (79 euros). It is an 'almost ready to fly'-kit made from balsa. I do not know who has manufactured the kit but several stores in middle europe sell the same kit without any brand.
The kit does not contain a motor so I chose an AXI 2212/26. With 3 litium cells and a 10x4,7 propeller it has a very impressive performance.
The plane was designed for 8 Ni-Cd cells and a geared Speed 400-motor so I have some trouble getting enough weigth to the front.
I like the plane; I looks nice and it flies well. However, it is not a plane for beginners. I was happy that I have had a GWS Zero before this plane.

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