Kyosho Tracker 2

Tracker 2

Kyosho Tracker 2 is a 2WD truck with large wheels. It is a 'real' radio controlled vehicle since the radio and the car are not integrated.
The car was bought as a kit. Enjoy the pictures.

Tracker 2 climbs very well. The car is almost falling backwards We made it! This looks even better in real life. This car jumps high from short and steep ramps. The car is well balanced. Here we go again! The original body was later painted yellow, originally I painted it red. The car witout the body.

Tracker 2 is a stadium truck, its not a genuine terrain vehicle. It runs fast and jumps very well.

MPG videoVideo!

Some improvements that I have made since I bought the car:

Tracker 2 when it was brand new The new body looks good New swing shafts increases the ground clearance. New swing shafts and longer shocks increase the ground clearance. The receiver, ESC and the motor are now well protected against water and snow. The motor is protected with shrink tube.