Tamiya Wild Dagger

Wild Dagger

Tamiya Wild Dagger is a 4WD truck with two engines. It is a 'real' radio controlled vehicle since the radio and the car are not integrated. The car was bought as a kit. Enjoy the pictures.

Wild Dagger and Kyosho Tracker 2 Wild Dagger and Tracker 2 with a new body.

Wild Dagger climbs incredibly well. This car does not jump as good as Tracker 2 since the front always lands first. There are not many places where this car can not go. The body looks very good compared to other monster trucks. This is possible because Tamiya uses a narrow body and the suspension does not allow the wheels to move as much as for eg. Kyosho Tracker 2. Despite some minor flaws I like this car very much.

Some improvements that I have made since I bought the car:

From the pictures below you can see that Tracker 2 is much easier to keep clean and that the locations of the motors are not very good on Wild Dagger. Dagger has, however, a very low center of gravity which usually makes it fall back on its wheels.

Dagger goes WildVideo!!!

The receiver and ESC are now well protected against snow. Tracker 2 (left) is easier to clean afterwards. This fuzzy picture shows how longer shocks can be used.