Commodore 64,128 and 128D

Commodore 64
CPU 6510
RAM 64 Kb
ROM 20 Kb
Text mode 25*40 characters
Graphics 320*200, 16 colours
Sound: 3 channels and 9 octaves.
Storage: Commodore's tape recorder or 5,25" Commodore 1541 disc drive, later more choices like 1581 3,5" disc drive.
I/O: Tape,TV, audio/video, Commodore's own serial and parallel bus, module,joystick, user port.
Operating system: Basic in ROM, but GEOS and CP/M could be bought
Size: 404 mm * 204 mm * 74 mm / 1,8kg
Target audience: Home.
Misc: Basic was a little bit poor without an expansion module called Simon's Basic. 40 char display was not very good for serious work.
Commodore 128 and 128D (Information about the 128-mode, C64-mode is just like C64).
CPU 1 MOS Technology 8502 2,5 MHz (the processor has a 6510-compatible 1MHz mode for C64 programs)
CPU 2 Zilog Z80 4MHz (CP/M)
RAM 128 Kb (max 512 Kb)
ROM 48 Kb including 16Kb DOS
Text 25*80/25*40 characters
Graphics max 640*200, max 16 colours
Sound: 3 channels and 9 octaves.
Storage: Commodore's tape or 5,25" Commodore 1571 disk drive (C128D has one built-in). Also Commodore 1541 etc. may be used.
Expansion ports: Tape,tv, audio/video, Commodore's own serial- and parallel bus, module, joystick, user port. Reset button.
Operating systems: Basic in ROM, CP/M, and GEOS could be bought
Size: 430 mm * 325 mm * 55 mm / 3 kg (C128, not D)
Target audience: Home, business.
Misc: Three computers in one: C64,CP/M and C128.


C64C64 and 1541
C128C128 and 1571
C128DC128D with a built in 1571 and an external keyboard