Kaypro II

Kaypro II
CPU Zilog Z80
RAM 64 Kb
Text mode: 24*80 characters 9" display built in. Characters made in a 5*8 pixel matrix.
Storage: Two 5,25" disc drives / each with 191Kb formatted capacity.
Connectors: Centronics, RS-232
Operating systems/programs: CP/M 2.2 / Perfect writer, Perfect Filer, Perfect Calc, BASIC.
Target users: Business.
Misc: Portable computer that weighs 12 kg. The machine was supplied with an extensive software package that covered most needs. The list above is not accurate but it gives a hint of what you could get with an Kaypro. This was one of the main reasons this machine became popular.


Kaypro II Kaypro II
Kaypro II Kaypro II.
Kaypro II Kaypro II.