Sharp MZ-700

Sharp MZ 700
CPU Zilog Z80A/3,5 MHz
RAM 64Kb
ROM 4Kb+2Kb
Video RAM 4Kb
Text mode 25*40 characters, 8 colours
Graphics: 320*200 pixels if characters were redefined else 80*50 pixels
Sound: 1 channel / 3 octaves
Storage: Built in tape recorder, 2,8" disc drive optional.
Connectors: RF,video,RGB,printer
Operating systems/programs: Basic from cassette,CP/M
Size: 440 mm * 305 mm *85 mm / 4 kg
Target: Home
Price/Year: 3450 FIM / 1984
Misc:Machine code monitor in ROM, BASIC and other languages had to be loaded from tape. A plotter and a disc drive could be fitted inside the case.


Sharp MZ-700Sharp MZ-700.
Sharp MZ-700Sharp MZ-700.