Apple Macintosh Plus

Apple Macintosh Plus
CPU Motorola 68000 8 MHz
RAM 1-4 Mb
ROM 128 Kb
Graphics: 512 * 342
Sound: 1 channel
Storage: Built-in 800Kb disc drive, SCSI hard discs optional
Connectors RS 232/422 (2), SCSI, keyboard, mouse
Operating systems: MacOS (1.1-7.53 may be used)
Mitat: 345mm * 245mm * 275mm 7,48 kg
Target users: Computer illiterate intellectuals ;-)
Misc: 9" display built-in. Macintosh had very moderns solutions already in 1984.


Apple MacintoshMac plus system
Apple MacintoshMac plus
Apple MacintoshMac plus
Apple MacintoshThe machine has been kept very well.
Apple Macintosh You would not believe that this machine has ever been in use. It has!