Nokia MikroMikko 1 M6

MikroMikko was Nokia Data's attempt to enter the business computer market. The computer has 64 Kb memory and CP/M operating system. There are several models of MikroMikko 1, and this M6 model has two 5,25" 640Kb disc drives and high resolution graphics capable of 800x327. The keyboard weights about 2 kilograms. It was a very robust built system that was very suitable for hard environments such as schools. The machine has a linear power transformer and no fan. Cooling is done by a giant heat sink on the back side of the machine.
Ergonomics has always played a great part in the MikroMikko series and this model has a keyboard with a built-in wrist support and a very slow screen that is very comfortable even though it has a 50Hz refresh rate.
Nokia later bought Ericsson's computer division. Later ICL bought the Nokia Data from Nokia that concentrated on its key competence. This machine is peculiar in that sense that it has the old Nokia logo that reminds that the company was originally making car tires besides rubber boots and cables. Computer manufacturing has ceased in those plants that made this machine. MikroMikko got several follow-ups: MikroMikko 2 had a very nice display with white background and 72Hz refresh rate, it was also the only real computer that was made with Intel 86186(!). While MM2 was partly MS-DOS compatible MikroMikko3 was an ergonomic beauty that was fully pc-compatible.
Nokia MikroMikko 1
CPU Intel 8085 / 2 MHz
RAM 64 Kb
ROM 4 Kb
Text mode 24*80 characters, 25. row for status information
Resolution: 160*75 and 800*327 pixels.
Storage: 2*640 5,25" disc. 5Mb Winchester as option (M7 had it as standard). This is a M6 model, others might have just one disc drive and or the drive(S) might have a smaller capacity (360Kb).
Connectors: RS-232*2,display,printer,keyboard
Operating systems/programs: Nokia CP/M 2.2,Microsoft Basic, editor,debugger,assembler.
Main unit: 324 mm *340 mm * 215 mm / 13,4kg
Display: 12"/ 345 mm * 330 mm * 335 mm / 8,5 kg
Keyboard: 390 mm * 220 mm *70 mm / 2 kg(!).
Target: Business, education.
Price/year: ~30 000 FIM/~1984.
Misc: The display gets its power from the main unit, just one cord is used.


Nokia MikroMikko
Nokia MikroMikko
Nokia MikroMikko
Nokia MikroMikko
Nokia MikroMikko Keyboard
Nokia MikroMikko
Nokia MikroMikkoMikroMikko's logo. This logo disappears when MikroMikko2 was introduced.
Nokia MikroMikkoMother board
Nokia MikroMikkoMother board
Nokia MikroMikkoDisplay
Nokia MikroMikko
Nokia MikroMikko Small detail
Nokia MikroMikkoDisplay
Nokia MikroMikkoNokia's label, notice the old (tyre) logo.