Sinclair QL

Sinclair QL
CPU Motorola 68008 / 7,5 MHz
RAM 128Kb (max 512 Kb)
ROM 48Kb
Text modes: 25*32 (TV), 25*85 (monitor)
Graphic modes: 512*256, 256 * 256, 256 colours
Sound: 1 channel, 4 octaves, built in speaker
Connectors: RS232. RGB, local network, additional microdrives, expansion, modules,2* joystick (non-standard).
Operating system: BASIC and QDOS in ROM
Target audience: Small businesses
Misc: A lovely machine but it could not possibly be a success with those microdrives. 4 excellent programs from PSION were included.


Sinclair QL Sinclair QL
2*Microdrive 2*Microdrive
Microdrive Microdrive