Mika's computer museum

Welcome to Mika Ojutkangas computer museum. I have collected some interesting computers that I am trying preserve so people could see what computing was all about in those good old days.
I have had many of those computers that I have in my collection but my interest for old computers goes beyond that; many of these machines have technical solutions and innovations that make modern PC:s look very dull.
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My collection

BBC model B Acorn BBC model B
Amstrad CPC 6128 Amstrad CPC 6128, CPC 664 and CPC 464
Apple Macintosh Plus Apple Macintosh Plus
Atari 800 XL Atari 800 XL
Atari ST Atari ST
Atari Portfolio Atari Portfolio
Canon X-07 Canon X-07
Amiga 1200 Commodore Amiga 500, Amiga 2000 and Amiga 1200
Commodore Plus/4 Commodore C16 and Plus/4
Commodore 64 Commodore 64,128 and 128D
Compaq Portable III Compaq Portable III
Ericsson PC Ericsson PC
Kaypro II Kaypro II
Lambda 8300 Lambda 8300
Metric ABC CAD 1000 / Luxor ABC 80 Metric ABC CAD 1000 / Luxor ABC 80
MikroMikko Nokia Mikro Mikko 1
Osborne I Osborne I
Panasonic JR 200 Panasonic JR200
Salora Fellow Salora Fellow
Sharp MZ 700 Sharp MZ 700
Sharp MZ 800 Sharp MZ 800
Sinclair ZX81 Sinclair ZX81
Sinclair ZX Spectrum Sinclair ZX Spectrum
Sinclair QL Sinclair QL
SVI 328 Spectravideo 328
MSX Spectravideo MSX 728

Video games

Atari 2600 Atari 2600
Videopac G7000 Philips Videopac G7000
Videogames Videogames

If you want to donate or sell a computer to a good home or if you have any questions or comment please send a message to: oju@iki.fi

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